Uses Four 3W Luxeon Star LED
  • 288 Lumens of pure white light! Intense! Nobody can look directly into this light!
  • Never yellows
  • Lasts about 50,000 hours (5 years continuous on)
  • Impervious to impact
  • Never buy another bulb!

    Four 20mm 6 degree reflectors for a amazing focused beam with good side spill
  • 6 degree beam, powerful and focused!
  • Narrow enough to light up the road, forest, whatever, far ahead of you, yet enough light to the sides to see close up.

    Uses a 2D flashlight converted to use 6AA batteries.
  • A special large aluminum heat sink is fitted inside the head. The LEDs and circuitry and optics are attached to the sink.

  • Lasts about 1 to 2 hours on 6 alkaline AA. Longer on NIMH. (Battery life will depend on qulaity and mAh rating of batteries)

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