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April 26, 2008


My "C-bin" P7 M@g arrived today. Awesome light!!! It's the brightest thing I own, and thats from a comparison done during daylight against a white wall. I can't wait for it to get dark.

I'm currently running it on 3 Rayovac UltraPro 1.5volt D-cells.....it definitely puts my TL drop-in to shame. And even in the broad daylight it's noticably brighter then any of my Q5 or R2 CREE's!

Man......darkness ain't going to come fast enough!

I'll get some pics and beamies up as soon as it gets dark. Thanks again for the awesome light.


February 26, 2008

Wow; Wayne the Shadeslayer-7 is great.

Not only does it have a far reaching spot light but it also floods the area right in front.

It has the best balance I have ever seen in a flashlight.

I used it last night. It’s your best one yet!


February 21, 2008


I received my Monster Throw IV yesterday and man, am I happy! I unwrapped it and was literally in business in just a couple of minutes. The installation was fast and easy and I couldn't wait for night to fall to test this puppy out. I expected it to be good but I was blown away by the amount of side spill. This thing is awesome, what a great mix of spill and throw. Now I can not only put a spot on whatever is in the yard, I can light up the whole yard and catch things I might have otherwise missed. Thank you for this great product.


February 14, 2008

Hi Wayne, Finally got the MT-4 together last night. I had to mail order a Maglite. Everything fit together perfectly(no rattles). It is awesome! You have truly outdone yourself this time. It is what I have always wanted in a flashlight-intensity, flood, and throw! Many thanks for all the time and patience that you put into this unit. Rodney
January 31, 2008

Hi Wayne,

Received the MT III yesterday. It's everything that I read about in the forums and more. You make a fantastic product.


December 25, 2007,


I wanted to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
By the way, I got both the MT1 and the MT3 and I am thrilled with them.

Take care.


December 7, 2007,

Wayne, The anglelux arrived today. Great product as usual. Thanks, Bob

August 21, 2007,

Just received my DeCree today (my first Elektro Lumens light), and I am very impressed. Great build quality, and the beam is fantastic. The hot spot's as bright or brighter than any other single LED light I own, and I've never seen a spill pattern that tapers off so evenly. Great work!


April 16,2007,

jbosman1013 asks: "was just wondering if these lights were as high quallity as they look"

Customer replies:

Alaric Darconville
The XM-3 certainly was-- I didn't own one but had a friend with one. I own the "Tri-Star" with three 3W Luxeon Stars (and uses 3 D-cells.) I've had it since '02 or '03 (a long time, anyway) and it's great.

The metal machining is excellent. I have 2 of his My Little Friends bought a year apart.

I have a Blaster and a DeCree and both are industrial strength. Packs a good punch too. The Blaster has very good run time to boot.

Wayne from Elektrolumens is one of the good guys. He does good work and looks after (And listens to) his customers. I'm happy to own several of his lights and mods. My latest flashlight, a DeCree is built like a tank. I've never seen aluminium this thick in a flashlight body before. Wayne doesnt add frills or cosmetic enhancements to his lights. They are an example of function before form

Was there a light you had in mind?


Wayne's awesome and makes solid, quality lights. My Blaster, Anglelux, and XM-3 (which has taken more abuse than any light I own) all work perfectly after years of pretty hard use. I also plan on buying a Lucidus. Good stuff.

Wayne doesn't have a CNC lathe or anything like that...his lights have a certain hand made quality about them. That does not mean that quality suffers - they are very high quality. His lights are about the light - I have found his lights to be exceedingly useful and functional, they have a uniqueness not found in other lights.

Wayne is a low drama, high quality light producer. Sometimes his ability to create and sell outstrips his ability to produce, but he has always made good.

Wayne has great service and according to all accounts, great quality. I have a Lucidus XR-3 on order.
I have a Lucidus XR-2 which uses the same emitter and optic as the decree. The XR-2 is driven at 400ma (new ones will be 500ma) versus the DeCree which goes at 1amp I believe. Let me say that after seeing a Cree emitter with the optic Wayne uses, I strongly believe that the Cree is not meant to be used with a reflector. The beam of the Lucidus is clean and smooth...I have four Cree lights with reflectors, and none of them are as useful (or as smooth) as my Lucidus.

September 18, 2006

Hi Wayne

Thanks for this exeptional Masterpiece of Light, (the ELX-12-6D) , my Surefire M6 fades away in appearance , and the Color Temperature is Daylight without the bluish influence of other (even expensive) LED Flashlights !!! Just GREAT , and i`m waiting for Snow now to see the Light-Exploson !

A very satisfied Costumer, R.E.

September 2, 2006

I received the Tri-Blaster-3X3W-3C this afternoon. Always makes the day when receiving new flashlight, doesn't get any better. First off it seemed smaller than I thought. Appears to have same head as my Little friend proto type. Comparing them side by side they have same type of beam. I would call it a flood type beam. It puts out a wall of light nice and even, very smooth no wasted hotspot in center. When I say wasted I mean for a walking in the dark light. You don't have to worry about moving the hot spot all around so you can see where to step, it covers the whole area in front of you. There is a time when you want throw and the hotspot is fine, but for walking around in the dark a nice smooth beam is best. And that is where this light shines. Basically its a little friend with more run time due too bigger capacity batteries and twisty switch, just the right size to hold on to, with a grooved finish just like the Blasters.

It is also nice not having to worry about charging all of those different kinds of batteries, lets see this kind for this charger this one for that charger, no just stuff in 3 C cell alkalines and your ready for hours of bright light. Of course if you don't like buying alkalines you can get the rechargeable C cells, best of both worlds.

Another thing I like about this light is its simple construction. No one can get a new light without taking it apart. This one is modular, it comes apart into about 7 basic parts. The main tube is nice and thick yet light, very durable construction. Very solid twisty with momentary on push button. Also able to tail stand with head on or off to light a whole room.

Needless to say I like this light, not as bright as K2 but can run forever without the heat, and plenty bright if your out in the woods walking at night, this is perfect.

Attached are a couple of pictures showing size of Tri-Blaster-3X3W-3C compared to other Elektrolumens lights. By the way all of them had a tighter beam than the Tri-Blaster-3X3W-3C, except the Tri Star Phaser, and ELX-6, but even they did not have the smooth beam without the hot spot like the Tri-Blaster-3X3W-3C. The ELX-6 has a great Beam, but is s much bigger light and has the battery pack to charge, without the ability to use common type batteries. Don’t get me wrong I like all of my lights but some are just easier to use, and when on a trip or doing serious exploring some times easer is better.

To summarize, a very solid and durable light, just the right size to handle easily, can use easy to get C cell, or rechargeable C cells, very bright large smooth beam, no heat problems, can tail stand, trouble free twisty with momentary, easy to take apart, and bright, did I mention I like this light?


August 08, 2006

Whoa! That *is* bright, isn't it? Even the low setting is perfectly adequate and the bright setting is very impressive. Such a small package, too. Thank you! It was worth waiting for the pre-order. :-)


(John purchased the Little Friend)

March 16, 2006

i have purchased a blaster junior, once i got used to the size ( was bigger and heavier that i expected ), i can honestly say it is the best flashlight i have ever owned, and i can tell buy its construction that it will be very durable and last me many years. i had read your reviews on "Dansdata" page and he swore up and down about it, i finally spent the cash and i am glad i did, just wanted to let you know what a nice product you guys put out.

John M.

April 25, 2006

Hi Wayne

The Blaster arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Thank you very much for the rapid service. That was the fastest I've ever gotten anything from the US - or anywhere internationally for that matter! My wife was bemused by the fact I was so excited over a flashlight. I have to say the excitement was warranted! This is one awesome flashlight! I must compliment you on the quality and workmanship. You definitely make a light that gives more bang for the buck than any I have seen. I fired it up last night and it definitely exceeded my expectations. The friends I showed it to were very impressed.
Thanks once again.



April 27, 2006


FYI, I came across your site via www.dansdata.com His reviews were pretty favourable, so I checked out your site!

D. Foley

May 4, 2006

The XM-3 is the best torch I have ever had. 6 of those I ordered are for my friends and colleagues. I am sure They will be surprised and satisfied with XM-3. And thank you very much for good price!

K. Ito, Japan

Jam 21,2006


(Note from E.L.
The following is a few excerpts from a Ranger named Joe, who spent some time over in Iraq. He took with him an ELX-6, the first one which is a prototype. He just returned. The light has been given to another soldier, who is now going to Afghanistan, over to see more service. The first solder, Joe, is returning again to Iraq (he thought he would not go back again), but this time armed with the ELX-12. I'll have more testimonials and photos (actual action photos of the soldiers and ELX-6 in action) up later.

Hey there wayne, thought I would write and tell you that I am finally home from iraq for good. I am still in one piece albeit bruised a bit here and there. Nothing a little rest wont cure…..

I used it (ELX-6) under a benelli shotgun and several m4's in various configurations. I even taped it to my arm, boy was that a bad move. It would shine where everywhere except where I want it to shine...

I ended up using cloth bicycle tape and wrapped the entire light to both protect it and just it some camo in the dark…. This light did some amazing things for us…. Whenever I turned it on at the bad guy it immediately stunned them long enough for us to gain the upper hand… the look on some guys faces as we zipped tied them up was to stare at the elx-6 with awe.


January 21, 2006

Hi Wayne,

I recieved the light today, and boy, is it a piece of work! Possibly the most unique light in my collection, yet. I'll give you a full testimonial later on. Great work!


November 21, 2005

Hello Wayne,

I received my Blaster Jr this morning, I thank you, it spent less than one week to reach me to France, it is very fast !.

The quality of construction is exceptional, it seems very solid and it lights incredibly well (better than my halogenous lamps).

I find it superb and very functional ! I did not see of equivalent in Europe.

I am on it will render good services to me during many years.

I am in a hurry to test it under true difficult conditions (in middle of the night, with fishing on the rocks of the ocean).

I congratulate you for the new productions which I discover on your site, I would not hesitate to pass by again you an order if I discover a lamp which corresponds to my need.

(I seek a head light focusable, simple, solid, waterproof, very powerful, with a good autonomy and a tight compartment of piles separate, at reasonable price: -).

Thank you still, best regards : Pascal
(sorry for my bad English)

November 16, 2005

Wayne built that light for me and as I am a flashaholic I figure to heck with runtime I want it BRIGHT and it came out blindingly bright. I understand Wayne's design philosofy of building long running lights with reasonable brightness but my sickness doesn't let me appriciate them that much. Thanks again Wayne I really like the output of this mod it completely stomps my older one watt 1r, blaster3, and blaster junior.

(Dave had me modify his Blaster-1R, replacing the 1W Luxeon LED with a 3W, and replacing the stock boost circuit with three Micropuck boost circuits in parallel.)


November 3, 2005

Glad everything is all right then. Btw, I love your ELX 3. It is everything that was promised to be. This will be a keeper for sure. Thanks for making such a wonderful light Wayne!


October 29, 2005

Wayne, What a beautifully crafted flashlight! Many thanks, and worth the wait. I can see why your products are in such demand.

Roger K.

October 21, 2005


Torch arrived today; I "batteried it up" with rechargeables, and boy is this thing bright! Only second to my 10 million CP lantern I got from Heartland America about a year ago. I love the blue Mag-Lite housing!

Thanks again, Wayne, and I'm hoping to get a few orders for you!


October 13, 2005

Wayne --- Today (Thursday, Oct-13) I received the "replacement" Blaster-Jr. (Priority Mail took 6 days from Oregon to Florida).

I have about 6 other LED flashlights but the Blaster-Jr. is my first Luxeon light.
I've read reviews of a 100+ Luxeon (1, 3, 5) flashlights, read many articles & user comments, compared the "output" & "throw" data, and looked at photos of beam-shot comparisons. After all of that, I still wasn't prepared for the jaw-dropping output (and the equally jaw-dropping level of brightness).

I have a trusty 2-D incandescent light (Krypton bulb) with a tightly-focused beam that for distance-viewing is as good as any 2-D Krypton. Over the last 10 years I've compared my 2-D light to many other 2-D flashlights brought by other people in our camping group, so I feel reasonably certain that my 2-D light is among the best for "throw".
However, when I did an "A-B" comparison to the Blaster-Jr., my 2-D looked really weak, so I immediately replaced the pair of D-batteries thinking they were "not fresh".
No change ------ the Blaster-Jr. made my trusty 2-D light look absolutely sick & feeble, the difference in output & brightness was hard to believe.
There's no way to adequately describe to someone the power & brightness of a Luxeon 3 light, the only way is to experience it --- then WOW!!!

Bye for now.
John K.

October 3, 2005

Hey, Wayne,

I received my order today. I noticed you shipped on Sept. 27th instead of Sept. 23rd like we discussed. But that's not a problem now that I have it in my hands. And you are right, it's awesome. Now that's what I call a flashlight. I can see deep down into these woods at night to see what's making those noises. I know I will enjoy using this light for many years. By the way, what is your warranty details. Take care and best wishes,


August 19, 2005

Hi Wayne,

I do love the ELX-6, I received it yesterday, and used it some to try out last night, it is really bright. The adjustable brightness is really cool also. I like how switch is 2 stage. At first I thought it would be better with just the adjustable switch, but the more I messed with it I liked the idea of going directly to bright and then having dim mode thats adjustable. So I am very pleased with the ELX-6. I took it to work with me tonight, and every one was amazed at it. They compared it to the lazer swords in Star Wars. One even thought it reminded him of the bottom of the Space Shuttles motors. By the way I don't think it looks crude, I think it looks Big, Hand Crafted, and Heavy Duty, just like I like things to be. Thanks Again Wayne for your time and trouble, and I did receive the battery holders today also.


August 17, 2005


I bought a pair of 2D Blasters last summer -- one for my grandparents and one for myself. They have thrown away a cabinet full of gigantic and inadequate old-school flashlights because they eat up too many batteries and/or weigh too much. I have dropped, hammered, and submerged my Blaster and it still works. I thought I'd killed it when the beam started flickering, but I had actually POUNDED THE BATTERY CONTACTS FLAT by dropping it! Fresh batteries got the light working flawlessy. Thanks so much!


August 13, 2005

Hi Wayne, today I received 2 XM-3. Your work is impressive! So far, its the brightest and widest corona in my collection. It outshined my Gerber TX3 and Q3, Q3 dual output and my peak mediterranean...and the tint, looks like I got a TX1J. I compared it to my FF2 TX1J bin and it looks identical. I didn't go wrong buying this...its the strongest I have in the 2x AA collection. Too bad I have to give the other to my friend who also ordered. Thanks for the great product! Hope to see another compact, solid as a tank torch from you.

August 11, 2005

I received the torch (Blaster-3P) as advertised and it has live up to the name, demonstrably/blindingly, it would almost pass as a spotlight and far better than anything I've used.
The torch was ordered in mid June knowing that production wouldn't start till August. The torch arrived on the 2nd of August being posted on the 25th of July pretty amazing considering world events.

Thanking You in much Appreciation
Allen T. - Volunteer Firefighter and avid camper (Allen T. lives in Australia)

July 29, 2006

Just received the Blaster Jr. Shipping was very fast! Fit and finish is excellent! The beam is nice and white! Thanks again for an excellent product!

Ernie S. (Southern California)

June 8, 2005

I'm glad to see that you decided to build the XM3 again. Of the two I purchased from you, one was given to my employer Patricia Lee Lewis of writingretreats.org . In its thus far short lifetime it has been to through < abandoned buildings for my own photography, and then abroad with Patricia who says that it is the envy of the internationally adventurous writers circuit. We look forward to picking up a few more for our expeditions.


June 8, 2005
I explore college steam tunnels using FT-3C that I purchased from you last fall... great light I love it. This picture turned out really neat I thought. Enjoy

Daniel B.

May 28, 2006
I'm glad to see that you decided to build the XM3 again. Of the two I purchased from you, one was given to my employer Patricia of writingretreats.org . In its thus far short lifetime it has been through abandoned buildings for my own photography, and then abroad with Patricia who says that it is the envy of the internationally adventurous writers circuit. We look forward to picking up a few more for our expeditions.


May 10, 2005


What a difference your Anglelux

made over the old 2d / 3c flashlights that I used previously. While in northern Alberta recently, we returned many dark cold nights, on rough, muddy two-trackers by the light of my Anglelux as the headlight was blocked by various items. It actually appeared to reach further than the Quad-four's headlight did normally but much more focused. In the woods it's second to none, all other lights paled in comparison, one set of batteries lasted all 10 days. As a bonus, my hands didn't freeze, as they have in the past, with the all metal flashlights. I still carry the Surefire E2E as a backup but, never needed it. My sons are getting the Anglelux for Xmas. Thanks for an absolutely incredible flashlight.


May 13, 2005


Got my Ultra Star last night. “Beautiful”. I can’t believe the beam. Those 20mm optics do a great job and the alignment, even up close you can’t tell there are three light sources.

John D

Hello Wayne,

I received 4 UX1K Pentalux


It seems 30 to 40% brighter than regular Pentalux.
You can see the pictures attached. Left side is Wolf Eyes DRAGON1!
DRAGON1 is HID 10W 550 Lumen!
Pentalux UX1K is about same as DRAGON1 10W HID! (DRAGON1 has much larger reflector.)
Actually Dragon1 is brighter than UK Light Cannon.
Obviously I guess Pentalux UX1K would be brighter than UK Light Cannon!

It's really amazing! With inexpensive 4xD cell makes this wall of light!

Please have a look at pictures. Brighter picture is ISO200 1/50sec f=2.8, another picture with text is ISO200 1/100 f=2.8. (You can use these pictures as you like. Also, I can send you larger file.)

Thanks again!

Chiharu (Chiharu lives in Japan)

Feb 27, 2005


(Robert purchased a Pentalux)

Thanks for shipping I just got it... WOW... This pentalux throws more light than anything I have seen that size. The only thing I have seen put out more light is my 10M candle power 12V "THOR". It is amazing that 5 separate light sources look like one nice medium wide spot. Excellent spill. The only thing I would improve on, is making the "business end" a little more finished looking... For a $150 light, inside looks a bit "cheap". Maybe putting some foil or something over the top to hide the exposed wires. That being said I am very happy with it.. It ABSOLUTLY ROCKS... You should definitely have it tested on some of the comparison guides like http://www.flashlightreviews.com/features/chart_overall.htm Your Tri-star is the second highest output next to the Surefire Dominator... This one might put you on equal footing.. Also if you have a Collimator set you can get to fit inside my light. I would be interested in trying those as well.. Due to a big piece of dirt or something on the inside of the front lens, I took off the front glass, and noticed that the mirrors just pop off. Please let me know what it would cost. Thanks again...



Feb 25, 2005

(The following customer is a Police officer with the NYPD, who recently purchased a Pentalux from me)


I received the light today. This light is so bright it reminds me of the blinding light that the video guys "assistant" would walk around with attached to a pole at a wedding ceremony & reception. It is a blinding light! Awesome!

By the way, I will be using the Pentalux on the NYC highways because i just received a transfer to the NYPD Highway Patrol Unit #1. It is the NYC version of your CHiP's. I will feel safer walking up to cars at night on the highway. The light is so bright i'll also be able to "signal" oncoming drivers with the pentalux when outside of the patrol car at the scene of accidents, etc. The light is so bright the motorists should be able to see this light a mile or two away!

Below is a link to the unit.

Shortcut to: http://www.nyc.gov/html/nypd/html/transportation/highway.html

Thanks again,


January 13, 2005


I just got the light. Man, that sucker is bright for a 2xaa torch! Looks like its pretty much a tank also. Thanks very much for the quick service & an excellent product.


January 13, 2005


I recently recieved your xm-3 flashlight as gift this past christmas (my favorite gift i might add). I can't say enough good things about it. The beam has excellent throw and the focus is great for general use. The flashlight is very rugged (i have dropped it a bunch of times). I use it every night when i take my dog out and the battery is still going strong. Thanks for making such a great product. Thanks!


January 10, 2005

Hi Wayne,

Something happened to me and my son tonight that I thought I would relay to you. As I mentioned before I am a bi-vocational minister. I run my family's furniture refinishing an restoration business. Our business is on the corner of a busy blvd. with a small side street crossing the busy blvd.. At around 6:00 pm as we were crossing the small side street, near an alley about 60 feet from the main intersection, a car started to make and complete a left turn onto the small street we were crossing at a high rate of speed. It was very clear that as the driver was finishing the left turn the car was quickly starting to accelerate even more. If I was alone I just would have run to the other side no problem. However, my son is 20 years old and handicapped. One of his challenges is that he does not react real fast in these types of circumstances. Povidence was on my side tonight as I had my Tri-Star Phazer with me. I already turned it on because of the bad weather thinking I will not need it but you never know. As the car started to speed toward us I shined the light in it's direction. What happened next did not really sink in immediatly. The car quickly pulled to the curb and stopped. In my area if a car knows a light is from a pedestrian the best that usually happens is the car will slow down and go by. This car quickly stopped at the curb. When we got into my van and I realized what had just happened. I realized the car must have thought I was a vehicle too and it did not want to get hit. As you well know tonight dim side street street lights do not really help that much since I am dealing with the same rain storm as you, only about a couple of hours ahead, and driving conditions and visibility are terrible. I live about 1 hour drive west of you. All I can say is that I thank God I had my Tri-Star Phazer with me tonight.


January 8, 2005

Hello Wayne,

I just came back from Christmas holiday trip.
Sorry for push you for the shipping of Tri-Star, I was bit in a hurry.

I GOT Tri-Star Phazer just in last minutes!!! (Dec. 24th!)
I could enjoy great light at Christmas holiday, and my friends also enjoyed your great light at Christmas days! It's a real gift for the Christmas.

The light was so beautiful snowing ski field. Great bright white light shined in the snow!

Thank you very much!!!

Take care,


December 15, 2004

I received your Tri-Star Phazer in the mail today and have already used it extensively. I just want to say that it is indeed the finest flashlight I have ever used. I told you before that I work in the outdoor/camping industry and I have seen and used quite a few lights in my time. The fact that this light is LED based just made my mind up, that this light is fantastic. Brightness, longevity, and durability define the Tri-Star Phazer.

sincerely, Garry M. G.

September 5, 2004


OK, I couldn't stand it any more :-) , I went ahead and pre-orderd one of the Tri-Star Phazers.

I will say that it was in no small part due to your superb customer service skills that I went ahead and ordered; you recently repaired my 1W Luxeon Star 2 D flashlight's switch for no charge. Without trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, I was very impressed that you stand behind your products in this day and age when many companies seem to make it a giant hassle when something goes wrong, they seem to adopt the attitude of "guilty until proven innocent". While I can sympathize that there are certainly too many individuals out there that are looking for a "free lunch", it is refreshing to find merchants that try to take care of their customers in the way you have for me.

So anyhow, I am more than happy to patronize your business again, and I certainly expect to do so again in the future!!! I don't know you personally, but I can only conclude that you are a "stand-up" guy, and as such, I would be proud to call someone like you a friend.

Sincerest regards,

July 23, 2004


I received your Tri-Star 9 watt LED flashlight today. All I can say is AWESOME! This is the brightest LED flashlight i've seen or used. I have several. None compare to this one. As an NYPD auxiliary police officer I patrol on foot at night often. In the confines of my patrol area lies a very large park consisting of 1146 acres with a very limited number fixed pole lighting devices. I rely on my flashlight to save my life in very dark areas. This light will help keep me safe. I commend you on an extremely exceptional product.

Officer John Huntemann, NYPD

July 23, 2004

hey Wayne:

just wanted you to know I received my TSP yesterday. I tested it out in a field last night. I compared it to my Surefire 8AX, which i use for most of my lighting needs.


THis is the first Luxeon LED light that I have seen that actually puts out the same (if not better) output as compared to a decent incan such as the SF 8AX.

I'm still getting used to the switch being on the tail end instead of on the side like a Maglite. THe size of the TSP is such that EITHER switch would be useable, IMHO.

Great work Wayne, as always!! Keep it up!!
- Gerald

July 22, 2004


I just received my FT-3C. Wow ! what a great light. I love the workmanship, great machining. I also like the white, tight beam it gives off. The size of the light is a lot smaller than I expected. I can't believe how light the FT-3C is.

Thanks again for an excellent product.

Ernie S.

July 28, 2004

I have recently completed several night shifts with the Royal Canadain Mounted Police (RCMP) and have been evaluating the TSP. My findings are as follows:

1. There is no need to discuss the quality of the construction of the light as it has already been established as rock solid.
2. The brightness of the light has proved to be highly effective when I conduct vehicle stops or "jack up" patrons of our way too many crack houses . Before the TSP, when I shined my old flashlight into a vehicle a portion of the vehicle would be illuminated- say the driver. With the TSP the entire vehicle is lit up, thereby increasing officer safety.
3. The blinding effect of the TSP is very useful when approaching vehicles or persons which are suspicious. I have received many complaints by my "Clients" that there is no need to have such a bright light. I, on the contrary, appreciate it.
4. I have recently conducted searches for sucidal persons as well as fleeing suspects using the TSP. My colleagues marvelled at how bright my flashlight was and inquired as to what I was using.
5. This flashlight is not suitable for dogmen. It is far too bright. Most of the dogmen I know don't use a flashlight or use a very weak one. As you can imagine, when you have a well trained police dog, there is much less need for bright light- especially blinding light.
6. The TSP will rob you temporarily of your night vision if not used correctly. Sorry Wayne, the light is just too bright. Anyone who needs to confront strangers in high risk situations needs to be aware of the angle of the beam and avoid any reflections.
7. The TSP will rob the bad guy of his night vision. Thanks wayne, the light is just too bright. I've figured out how to use it and alway employ it during iffy (is that a word?) situations.

Ron (same as the following Ron, with a later evaluation)

July 20, 2004

Hi Wayne,

Just a quick update. I have received the two TSP's (Tri-Star Phazer) and have to say I am very impressed. I just finished a set of night shifts and my colleagues could not believe how bright it was. I had to search for a suicidal female last night and the TSP was up to the job in a big way! It totally Illuminated the alley I was looking in. I eventually met a partner in a big park and could see her flashlight struggling to cut through the darkness. When we finally met up she asked me what flashlight I was using. She was astonished. Even my "clients" were asking me what kind of flashlight I was using as they recovered from their discomfort of having a flood of photons in their eyes.


(Ron is a Canadian Mountie)

July 18, 2004


I ordered a FT3C with the green led. The green led was an experiment to test how well predators could detect the light source. I am an avid predator hunter and have been hunting foxes and bobcats for years. Most predator hunters use a handheld spotlight with a light mounted above the scope also. The spotlight is used to locate the predators eyes and the light on the scope is then switched on to illuminate the predator. The lights have always been incandescent with a red or amber filter (in most cases red). I have tried many different lights and have found most will spook a predator. Some of the predators are hard to get in close to determine he is actually a fox or whatever. You cannot shoot until you are certain what the animal is. I started coloring the glass lens with different colored magic markers, until I found that green did not spook the foxes as much. I was trying to get a good light source that would be compact and the most battery life. After talking with you, you explained the green led was not a filtered light, but a true green light. I ordered the light from you and the predator hunting has been perfect. In the last two weeks I have been three times, seen 8 foxes and killed 7. I would have killed the 8th one if my cell phone had not rang before as I was about to shoot. All 8 foxes were within 10 yards at one time or another before shooting the 7. I almost touched one with my gun barrel. The light does not spook the predators and I have found the foxes do not lock up at 200 + yds before retreating. You must now be careful or they will get in your lap. Wayne, this light is great! You have told me that you will be coming out with a AA version of this light. As far as I am concerned, this light can not come out fast enough. I want to mount it above my rifle scope.

Looking forward to the new light.

Thank you so much!

W. Martin

July 2, 2004

Hi Wayne, it's me again. I've just received PHAZER! UPS driver made a mistake and delivered it to wrong address. It is GREEEAT!!! It is so bright and finish is very very good. Looks like SUREFIRE flashlight.I am so happy to finaly get it. Can I use rechargables? I was considering K3 for My 6P SUREFIRE,but now, I am not going to spend a dime on it. All My money go to ELEKTRO LUMENS!!!(Why with "K") Are you working on something new? If you are,let Me know,I want to be among the first to buy it.Thanks one more time,James
July 2, 2004

Hello Wayne,

I received your newest LED flashlight, the Tri Star Phazer, and want to say "Holy Cow", "Wow"! This has got to be the BEST light that I have purchased, and trust me, I have purchased many types of lights. Have Pelican, Streamlight, Mag-lite and none of the aforementioned can hold a candle to yours. You have made a light that will not need replacement bulbs, it has a "True" white light output (not the bluish tint that other LEDs produce), the width of light output is great and the run time is impressive using alkaline batteries and not having to have a charger or more expensive batteries on hand.

Do have a couple of questions on its construction. Why is there a large looking "nut" towards the front of the light? If any of the LED's do burn out or not function or the control circuit board becomes faulty, are there replacement parts available or should I return the light for you to repair? Why haven't I seen/heard about your products in magazines or in other forms of advertisement? I came across your product by chance via surfing the internet and something caught my eye and I entered your web site and read up on the products you have.

Keep up the great work your doing and you may use the letter as a testament of your product.

Sincerely, Dennis H.

July 2, 2004

Hey Wayne!

I ordered an FT-3C for my dad on Father's day and was so impressed with it, I decided to purchase the new Tri-Star Phazer. Absolutely astounding light output from that thing! You've really got something going there. Keep up the good work...I've been showing my Phazer to anyone who'll listen to me talk about it and I'm sure you're about to pick up some more customers.

Thanks again for the quality product! Good luck with your business.

B. L.
Lawrenceville, GA (Atlanta)
June 28, 2004

My name is Marsiale and I am from Melbourne , Australia.

Two days ago I received my BL-JR flashlight.

I am so impressed with this product that I am almost lost for words. It's almost impossible trying to explain it to friends over the phone. The light output is fantastic but so is the built quality and design.

I have a small collection of flashlight, around 14 of them , but the BL-JR is certainly now the one flashlight.

I will be ordering a Tri-Star Phaser flashlight as soon as I complete this email.

June 12, 2004

What can be said but AMAZING. I tried out the Tri-Star Phazer last night in the backyard, tonight on the street; this is the most amazing lighting device there is to date. The light is pure white, the beam carries at least a half a block or more. This is what the police need. I used the light in the alley between my house and my neighbors house; it simply makes it like daylight. Gary K.
May 14, 2004


Just writing to thank you for the Anglelux C. It's the perfect blend of brightness and runtime. The usable light after it falls off from full brightness is more than useful. I wasn't expecting it to be that bright. The beam is also very nice, the reflector does a great job.

Thank you for a great product.

H. Y.

May 12, 2004

Hi, Wayne,

The XM2 arrived today. it's great! I think I can retire the Surefire now since it only runs 20 minutes on a set of batteries.

I'm planning to order the TriStar - I'll do it from the web site.

Nice product, thanks,


May 12, 2004

Hi Wayne, I received the XM-2 last week and it is great!!

I went camping in the Angeles National Forest last weekend and played a game of flashlight tag with some friends. They all use 3-4 D cell mag lights and were making a few jokes at the expense of the XM-2's size. Everyone was impressed when the sun went down though! The biggest thing I surprised about is how effective white light is compared to the yellow of the incandescent when everything around you is brown (dirt, tree trunks, dead leaves). Needless to say I think you can be expecting more orders from the Orange county area!!!

Thank you very much!!

February 25, 2004

Hi Wayne,

You built an incredible flashlight - the FT-3C! I am thrilled with my purchase and plan to buy a few more of your flashlights as gifts. I have had the BL-JR for a while now and found it quite useful in the woods at night. Thank you for designing the best flashlights around and offering them at reasonable prices.

Best wishes, Adrian

February 21, 2004


i just got my ft-3c today!.i've never owned an led flashlight before and was curious as to how good the throw may be. i've got an old (1986 or87 brinkman 5-d cell) that i used for comparison, i like the brink as it throws a helluva beam. i've got to say that this ft-3c light is awesome in comparison. the beam is really white and it throws as far as my old brinkman. its cool to have that light saber effect that my old flashlight has, and the side spill is great,imo. enough to see a wide swath in front of you but not so much that you lose throw, which i'm amazed by considering this light is much smaller and only uses 3-c cells. i couln't be happier with this flashlight, machining is top notch (i'm a machinist so i'm always looking at how well the finish an knurl of things looks),beam is very very bright and throw is amazing. i can't wait to order my next flashlight from wayne. i'm totally sold on his product now!

Hmmmmm, that XM2 is starting to look very appealing now.
Hope you all enjoy your lights as much as i'm enjoying mine.

Wayne, you have awsome flashlights,

February 14, 2004


Got the FT-3C yesterday - it was indeed worth the wait...

Excellent very white Luxeon, with no 'artefacts.

Last night against my 'calibrated white wall, with new alkalines I was measuring about 3 times the light from an Arc 4+ on level 1 (Selenium light meter into a DVM), which suggests somewhat more than 72 Lumens...

Spent some time getting to know the beast this morning, and I am impressed with straightforward design as well as the amount of machined aluminium in the light - good to see all the O rings. One suggestion though; perhaps you can 'straighten outwards' slightly the last spiral of the battery spring as this seems to keep it nicely in the button (and I made a simple protective cover 'glass' for the collimator from a CD box). Fit and finish seem good - It's a torch, perhaps if it was a Leica I might think otherwise.

Having spent the last couple of weeks with the Arc 4 (which is a remarkable object in itself), your light seems pleasantly less 'challenging' and naturally a lot brighter, though of course they have very different roles. And while I think Peter's new light actually represents rather good value for what he has achieved, your FT-3C seems to be stunningly good value.

Thanks and best regards,


February 10, 2004


I received my FT-3C today and just returned from walking my dogs in the woods, at night, using your flashlight. I am at a loss for what to say. I own several of your creations but you have reached the top of Everest with this jewel! After reading questionable comments and critiques on CPF, this particular light exhibits nothing but perfection! The spot is virginally pure white (no purple or other spots included). Incredibly bright!! And the momentary and fully 'ON' switch is simplicity itself!

The only reason that I have not placed an order for another FT-3C, is that I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the XM1 and the new Tri Star.

If you take too long developing these new lights, I will probably order another FT-3C anyway!!!!!

Often said, but really meant in this case: "Keep up the good work".


February 5, 2004

About the ft-3c:

Yes, I have never see before a beam of a luxeon star 3w with your 30mm colimator. On the last night, I have go into the dark rural area of the city with 2 flashlights, the ft-3c and a maglite 3d modified to use the luxeon star that you have sold to me.

I will recomend it for everyone of my friends, personally. Inclusive, on the last night one of my friends see the beam shots, and all that I listen from him is: "Uau! It's impressive! Never imagine a flashlight like that before." He is the owner of the maglite 3d modified.


February 4, 2004

Hi Wayne,

Received my new Hyper Blaster 3 watt today. I have no words to describe it. Perfect, awesome, sun like brightness, unrivaled fit and finish come to mind but do not do it justice.

I loaded it with 2 energizers that would barely light an old Coleman lantern I had. This thing came to life like no flashlight I own.

Definitely rivals Mag incans.

Thanks for a great product.


November 1, 2003


I bought a Blaster II from you back in February as a gift for my father. He took it with him to Iraq and used it quite a bit. He was very impressed with it. As part of the Corps of Engineers Task Force RIO, his group was tasked with doing damage assesment on an underground refinery, there were no windows and it was veryvery dark down there. He said he had no problem at all down there, but his boss and a few others went through batteries like crazy on their surefire lights and to a lesser extent on their maglites and several of the guys had problems with broken bulbs. Dad experienced no problems at all, and in fact never had to change out batteries his whole deployment. He got back in August but his luggage just now caught up with him, he called me up when it arrived because he was reminded about how well the light worked. I just thought I'd let you know.

Mike H.
October 9, 2003

Wayne, Today I received my Blaster III 1 Watt Luxeon Flashlight and I am very impressed. The quality, workmanship and research and development pertaining to this product is outstanding! My background is in metal working (Tool and Die), so believe me, I know quality when I see it. Up until now, the only 3 "D" cell flashlight I owned was a Craftsman with a krypton incendesent bulb. Needless to say the light given off by the Craftsman (with new batteries) looks "sick" compared to the Blaster III and the energy conservation is light years ahead. I'll recommend this flashlight to everyone.

Thanks again, and I'm sure I'll be buying from you in the near future.

Sept. 14, 2003


I wanted to mention that I got my 3-to-D adapters a couple days ago. Tried 'em in both my Blaster VI and a Mag 2D (the latter with upgraded bulb) and they seem to work fine. Thanks!

While I've got your attention, I'd also like to compliment you on the beautiful design of the Blaster VI. It really is a work of art... and a highly functional one at that! The best testimonial I can give you is that I have brighter lights at my disposal (such as a MR-X), yet more often than not, the Blaster VI is the light I grab. Good design means a lot to me, and that thing is great. Thanks, a LOT! :)


CPF Member: Troy B:
June 8,2003

Just got the Blaster II in the mail today- wow, what a fine product you've created!

The light feels great in the hand, and the beam is really a whole new world above my trusty old "M" light (the poor old guy just got permanently dethroned from its "honored" vehicle mount).

Thanks for making the exact light I've been looking for all these years- no burned bulb worries, reliable long battery life, brilliant white illumination, and all in a solid, attractive body.

Great work, Wayne!

CPF Member: Randy D.:
May 7,2003

hey got my blaster 6 about a week ago. i live in okinawa japan regardless my light came really quick, less than 10 days.
i work ground crew on heavy aircrafts. this light is so damb smooth and also rediculously bright. i was a little skeptical about spending so much not knowing much about led's. i used to use surefires these too are top notch but a whole different category. something so bright yet very easy on the eyes, great job. build quality is outstanding. i always loved the solid feel of m-lights,but this thing is much nicer the fine grooves from top to bottom nice touch. when are you guys going to come up with multiple 5w luxes? or maybe crammin a 5w into a pocket size? thanks for the product i really enjoy using this thing looking forward to seeing more from you.

randy d
CPF Member: Yosuke K:
April 19,2003

Hello Wayne,

I received BlasterVI and Elektro-Star.
Both are wonderful! I was impressed.
I did not think that a long distance could be illuminated by the light of Luxeon.
Thank you for breaking my common sense!

Especially, that performance is wonderful though Elektro-Star is a very profitable price.
Since it allows even if a price becomes high for a while, I wish to have the body of the quality higher as a base next.
It is regrettable only there. It is not good that weight concentrates forward.

However, I am very satisfied with two lights.
Thanks, Wayne!

Bset regards,

CPF Member: Steven B:
April 7,2003

Hello Wayne,

I am immensely impressed with the quality and luminosity of the Blaster VI. Of every flashlight that I own, or have owned, including two Maglites (“C” and “D” cell), a five “D” cell Brinkman, two Mini-Maglites, and two 11 LED Lightstars, and various others, the Blaster is, by a wide margin, the best quality mechanically of any of these. The light output is truly amazing for any flashlight, but unbelievable for an LED.

After receiving the Blaster VI last Friday, I attended a birthday party for my brother-in-law, an avid hunter (not me!). After the dinner and party, I pulled out the new Blaster to show it off. Needless to say, everyone was impressed, each wanting to know more about it, and from where it can be ordered. I believe that several orders will develop from this, and I am going to order a few more as gifts.

I am looking forward to getting the Blaster V!

Steve B

CPF Member: S4MadMan:

I know it *should be* a 1W LS with 30mm optics but it gives my Lambda 5W LS SE a little run for its money!

Maybe Wayne sent me a 5W instead? I'm not sure...I will post comparison pictures in about 10 minutes and you be the judge.

Lemme just say, as most of you already know, the Elektrolumens Blaster II is first-rate. Fit and finish are flawless. It's an OEM quality flashlight for sure. I am extremely impressed and I don't get impressed very easily.

Kudos to Wayne/Elektrolumens!

CPF Member: lessing

I agree, just recieved mine today, and this puts an end to my M*g night sticks. Although larger than most lights discussed here, the run time and output make it my #1 replacement for the M products so many outside cpf favour.

CPF Member: bucken

I think Wayne has elevated the 1W to a significant new level with the new optics.
CPF Member: Orion

Is it reasonable to assume that there is very little if anything else that can be done to a 1 watt Luxeon that would be 'better' than Waynes new Blaster II? I can't wait until mine arrives!
CPF Member: S4MadMan:

I just did a test with my new Lutron LightMeter. I went to the bathroom, turned off the lights and I measured the Lux from ~1 meter away, here are my readings:

-Lambda 5Watt LS: 4,500 Lux (Max)

-Elektrolumens Blaster II: 2,600 Lux (Maxx)

So yes, Lambda's 5 watt is still much brighter but the Blaster II, for a 1 Watt LS, it's DAMN impressive!

CPF Member:Gene:

Hi Wayne, Received the black Blaster II yesterday. It is very nice. You sure put out a quality product! The flashlight body is a marvel of quality. My compliments to you my friend and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Oh yeah, if the switch ever wears out do you sell spares? Thanks again Wayne...Gene

(The answer to Gene's question about switches is, yes, I do.)

Comments by Frank:

Wayne, Received Blaster II, this thing is GREAT!
Thanks again, Frank

Comments by Paul:

Hi Wayne,

Have received my torch and it is a far cry from the mag torches I have even the one with a Halogen bulb in it!

I might be able to get some orders from my work mates.

Comments by Wayne (not me):

(Wayne purchased some 30mm optics, and put them in some of his own flashlights.)


Thanks for the quick shipment.

I can tell you this. I haven't been too impressed with the D size flashlights, but, with the 30mm optics makes one killer light. I really like this. I saw the beams posted on CPF and you did a great job.

The beam is excellent. The hot spot is very even and the side spill is about twice the size of the hotspot.

Looking from the side, I can only see some reflections of light from the inner ball type optics which doesn't appear to be a ball shape like the NX05.

It fit in my 2D3C flashlight with bare LS/O version that I did early on. WOW!

This is very impressive.


Aeryk purchased a Blaster II from me.
Comments posted on CPF on 3-19-2003

The mail man just dropped off my Blaster II

Simply awesome stuff...the machining is perfect, Ive never had a light this well made...not even my old trusty Mag was this well machined.

Brightness is great from what I can tell so far, cant wait till it gets dark out so I can really check it out, color is great, by far the whitest flashlight I have ever owned, Its my first luxeon, so I cant really compare it to much...its much whiter than my freinds Inova X5T white, which has a rather bluish tint to it, and way whiter than my standard mag with its yellow tint.

Awesome stuff, Im definately glad I bought it. I'll try to grab a few shots of it tonight once the sun goes down


Jesse purchased a green Blaster II from me.
Comments sent via email to me on 3-19-2003


Just got the new green blaster II light. This thing exceeded my expectations. I only had some mostly drained D cells available when I got it, so I slipped them in. Brilliant light with a perfectly even pattern. Well done! I will be sure to do business with you again sometime.

Thanks again,

Comments sent via email to me on 3-19-2003

Hello Wayne,

I just received my Blaster 2! What can I say it's just perfect. I am really looking forward to my Blaster 5 & 6.

Thanks again,


Comments sent via email to me on 3-20-2003

Hello Wayne!

I just received my new Blaster II today and fired it up. WOW! What a terrific light! Not only is it super bright (compared to all my other LED lights and a few incandescents too) the new collimating lense really casts a beam! You did a terrific job with the enclosure as well. Very professional and stylish to boot!! I was so impressed that I ordered two more! Thanks for your efforts!!!


Comments sent via email to me on 3-25-2003


I put the Blaster II through it's paces this weekend. I tore open a wall, creating an access panel for access to storage space under the staircase. I had to crawl all the way in on my belly and clean it out of the construction debris left from when the house was built. Some parts were barely tall enough to squeeze into. What a mess! Dust, sawdust, wood chips, insulation, everything. I dragged the Blaster II in with me and worked in there for over an hour with a mini shop vac. Never had any issue with the light. After I cleaned myself off I cleaned off the Blaster II and it looked just like new. From now on, this is going to be the first light I grab for any lengthy, serious work where I need a solid, reliable light.



Comments sent by Gary via email to me on 3-26-2003

Hi Wayne,

My Blaster VI arrived today in perfect condition. All I can say is "Wow!". (I have such a way with words.) This is one incredible flashlight. The construction is immaculate with a high quality look and feel. The photos really don't do it justice. I couldn't wait for dark tonight to test it--what a throw! (Oh no, I'm starting to sound like a flashaholic....) LEDs are now coming into the 21st century.

I would like to get the 3 to D holders when they become available. Do you know an approximate delivery time and price?

Thanks again for a great product and excellent service.


Last updated: September 14, 2003