Elektro Lumens Presents

EDC-XML-R (Every Day Carry, Regulated) Flashlight, with the new XM-L2 LED
1,000+ Lumens

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  • EDC-XML-R (Regulation Circuitry)

    • Now using Cree's newest amazingly bright XM-L2 LED
    • 1000+ Lumens on High Power!!
    • NEW!: Now with regulation circuitry, (with setting memory, always remembers your last setting). At time of purchase you can specify:
      • 1) 2-Mode: Low 10%--High 100%
      • (2) 3-Mode: Low5%--Middle30%-High100%
      • (3) 3-Mode: Low5%—High100%--Fast Disabling Strobe
      • (4) 5-Mode: Low10%—Middle30%—High100%—Fast Disabling Strobe—SOS
      • (5) 1-Mode: 100% high mode, no other settings, for those who only need high power. Good choice for Police and Law Enforcement use, military, security, etc.
    • Mode power levels and approximate run times (approximations based on 2800mAh battery capacity):
      • High: 2800mA power level, 1 hour run time, 13000 lux @ 1 meter, 1000+Lumens!!
      • Middle: 800mA power level, 3.5 hours, 3500 lux @ 1 meter
      • Low 5%: 140mA power level, 20 hours, 300 lux @ 1 meter
      • Low 10%: 280mA power level, 10 hours, 600 lux @ 1 meter
    • Dimensions (Approximate)
      • NEW!: Tail cap clicky switch. Reverse clicky as this works best with the circuit. Click on, then press slightly to change mode.
      • Reflector/collimator, 6 degrees beam, good side spill
      • 30mm Mineral glass lens, equivalent to UCL clear glass, but mineral glass is stronger and less likely to crack, chip or break
      • Uses a common 18650 Li-Ion rechargable battery. Battery explanation web page (battery not included)
      • Head diameter: 1.5"
      • Body diameter: 1.0"
      • Tail cap diameter: 1.2"
      • Length: 5"
      • Weight without battery: 6 oz.
        • All parts CNC machined from 6061 aircraft alloy aluminum
        • Finished in super hard HAIII anodizing, tough, chemical resistant. Sand Blasted and has a semi-gloss finish. I find it difficult to scratch this with a sharp knife, it's so hard!
        • EDC-XML-R silk screened to the base of the head in small letters.

    LEO use: Many LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) have contacted Elektro Lumens telling us how useful the Elektro Lumens flashlight they have purchased has been in their line of work. It has stopped fights, diffused potentially violent situations, incapacitated people with dilated pupils. When an intense bright light is shined on a person, they cannot see you, being barely able to open their eyes in your direction, giving you the advantage.
  • Testimonials:

    Hi Wayne, Thanks again for this awesome flashlight! It has perfect mode spacing and beautiful machine work not to mention a perfect beam.I could not recommend this light enough to the hiker,camper, outdoor enthusiast or LEO.

    (from Dan)

    One more thing. I have purchased flashlights that cost more than this one but is half the quality. The fit and finish is better than anything out there. It was worth the wait. I think the reason people like me that spend $100+ on a flash light are looking for a fine piece of machinery. Well made with perfect fit and finish. You did it! I'm looking at your other products to see what else I want. Once again, Thank You!

    Feel free to use my name and comments anywhere you wish.

    Thanks again,

    Don Fenton

    Wayne, just received my light. It's gorgeous. Can't wait to use it on Duty tonight. Thank You!

    Have a Nice Day😝

    Deputy Steve B.

    Postman delivered today Wayne - thanks. The light seems to be a quality piece - fit & finish are right there, threads are nice and smooth, beam is excellent. I think this particular light will turn out to be a winner.

    Good morning Wayne,

    I received the EDC-XML-R yesterday and was extremely impressed with the build quality and light output. It's unbelievable how much light can come from such a small device! Thank you for the quick shipping.


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