Elektro Lumens

Flashlight Modified With A Red 1 Watt Luxeon Star LED

(25 Lumens!)

(Uses Two 'C' Cell Batteries)

Beamshot from 10 feet

Beamshot from 20 feet

Beamshot with lots of background lighting
This is an amazing flashlight. I started with a brand new 2 'C' cell aluminum flashlight, made by Oracle . I installed a 1 watt 25 lumen red Luxeon Star LED into this flashlight. I used the collimating optics. It produces a huge flood of red light (627nm), a 10 degree beam. The color of the light is pure red, very red. Red light is excellent for preserving night vision. I left this flashlight on for 12 hours, and it is still bright. Expect at least 12 hours of bright light, and many many more hours of useful, gradually diminishing light.

Replace your wimpy 5mm red LED flashlight with this super bright red Luxeon Star LED flashlight. Totally awesome!

I measure about 450 lux from one meter. This is not a narrow hot spot of light, but a huge flood of light.

The Luxeon Star LED:

Lasts up to 100,000 hours!

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