QuadStar Bike Light

(Available beginning February 4, 2006)

    "QuadStar Bike Light"

    Uses Four 3W Luxeon Star LEDs
  • Gives a narrow 6 degree beam that is amazingly intense. Also has plenty of side spill light for close up viewing. Excelent for night time single track riding or racing. Good for any off road night time riding or racing. Also good for street use.
  • 12-14 watts, (equivalent to 24 to 28 watts halogen) 288 Lumens of pure white blazing light! Intense! Nobody can look directly into this light!
  • Has two brightness settings, full power, and a low energy saving power at about 1 to 3 watts
  • Never yellows
  • Lasts about 50,000 hours (5 years continuous on)
  • Impervious to impact
  • Never buy another bulb!

    Four highly efficient 17mm reflectors
  • 6 degree beam, powerful and focused! Also has plenty of side spill for close up viewing and slow riding.
  • Narrow enough to light up the road, forest, whatever, far ahead of you, yet enough light to the sides to see close up.

    Uses 12 NIMH AA batteries (not included)
  • Two banks of 6 AA batteries, for 7.2V.
  • Battery life depends on amperage of batteries used. Should be 2.5 hours on high if 2,500mAh batteries are used. Low power would be 5 hours or more.
  • Optional battery charger available

Here's a pic of the QuadStar with a preliminary version of a new aluminum bracket I am designing. It is quick release. Very simple design, being a post in the light, which drops into the bracket which is secured on the handlebars. A winged bolt holds it securelyin place, but is very easy to remove quickly.

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