What Is A Luxeon Star?

 Highest Flux per LED in the world!
 Very long operating life (up to100k hours)
 Available in White, Green, Blue, Royal Blue, Cyan, Red, Red-Orange and Amber
 Lambertian or Batwing distribution pattern
 More Energy Efficient than Incandescent and most Halogen lamps
 Low voltage DC operated
 Cool beam, safe to the touch
 Instant light (less than 100 ns turn-on time)
 Fully dimmable
 No UV
 Superior ESD protection

Luxeon™ is a new groundbreaking lighting technology that challenges conventional light bulbs with smaller, longer-lasting and more energy-efficient light sources based on Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. LEDs have existed for decades but until recently they have not had the optical output power necessary to challenge conventional lighting.

Luxeon is based on patented technology that makes it possible to enlarge the solid state light emitting chip to achieve greater brightness while maintaining proper thermal and electrical management. The resulting light source has a far smaller footprint than other solutions as well as an operating life of up to 100,000 hours, eliminating the need for bulb replacement and opening doors to new and improved applications. Multiple color choices and features such as mercury-free operation, no UV light, full dimmability, instant illumination, precise beam control and minimum glare also offer important new capabilities for the lighting industry.

Luxeon brings the benefits of LED technology to the lighting world, creating a New World of Light!


Luxeon™ offers huge benefits to lighting designers, specifiers, and end users:

 High light output. Luxeon's proprietary technology delivers 10 to 20 times more light than conventional LEDs delivering the highest flux per LED in the world. Luxeon Power Light Sources emit up to 325 lumens of white light, as much as 790 lumens of red light, and comparable brightness in other colors, depending on configuration. This unprecedented lighting power of Luxeon, which will continue to rise through ongoing R&D investments, makes LEDs a practical illumination source for lighting fixtures for the first time in history.

 Vivid colors. Available in white, green, blue, royal blue, cyan, red, red-orange and amber, Luxeon leverages Lumileds' established leadership in LEDs to meet the needs of any color application. The rich saturation of Luxeon light sources produces intense, lifelike color that is particularly valuable for LCD monitors and notebook computer screens. LCD monitors and TVs using Luxeon for the backlight can achieve more than 120% NTSC.

 New design possibilities. Since Luxeon emitters are a fraction of the size of incandescent and halogen light sources, designers can create lighting applications that are smaller, sleeker and lighter in weight than ever before. For lighting fixtures, that means new silhouettes, invisible light points, and the ability to shrink the size of the optical lens. For automotive taillights, it means a smaller housing that can open up more trunk space. And with Luxeon's long life, the light source can be integrated directly into the fixture without worrying about lamp replacement. Fit and forget.

 Energy savings. Luxeon is more energy-efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamps. In traffic signals, for example, Luxeon consumes one-tenth the power of an incandescent bulb, yielding dramatic cost savings. This stems from low power consumption as well as Luxeon's ability to deliver only the required colors, eliminating the need to increase wattage to compensate for color filters. In addition, Luxeon currently produces 23 lumens per watt in white and as much as 50 lumens per watt in color - far surpassing an incandescent bulb in efficiency.

 Environmental soundness. Because it is based on solid state LED technology, Luxeon contains no Mercury, thereby avoiding potential health hazards inherent in light sources like fluorescent lamps. A Luxeon device will also last up to 100,000 hours compared to 1,000 to 2,000 hours for a typical incandescent bulb, eliminating waste and disposal problems that can take a toll on the environment.

 Extra safety. Luxeon provides a cool light beam that is safe to touch, plus instant illumination that can minimize danger. When used in a car, for example, the driver behind a car equipped with a Luxeon-based taillight will see a brake light a split second faster than with a conventional system. For vehicles traveling at 55 mph, Lumileds has calculated that this extra warning provides an additional car length of stopping distance - potentially preventing an accident.

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