Elektro Lumens Presents

K2-Stunner SuperTorch
1000+ Lumens !! 13,000+ Lux at 1 meter !!
The Brightest LED Flashlight on the Market

(Photos of Final Version K2-Stunner, Black Anodized)

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The 6 degree beam from this flashlight (torch) is remarkable. The light is daylight pure white, giving excellent color rendition. It throws well over 100 yards to light up distant objects. There is also ample bright side spill (130 degrees beam) to light up close. You do not need to shine directly at the ground to see close up, destroying your night vision.

Personal protection, or security, military, police, what a friend to have on your side. You do not want to be on the receiving end of this light. Resistance crumbles before the K2-Stunner, difusing potentially dangerous situations, and reducing resistance and need for physical force.

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