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  • Powered from four 18650 Lithium-Ion Rechargable Batteries (Not included):
  • New 'Battle Axe' Quad amperage regulation circuit board! Each LED is regulated independently from each other. In case of an LED failure (rare), you will not be left in the dark. Two power levels:
    • Low power setting: 1A, 1,000 lumens (35% of high power)
    • High power setting: 2.8A, 3000 lumens (approximate)
  • Four Cree MCE LEDs
  • Custom 20mm reflectors. Beautiful smooth 10 degrees beam, plenty of side spill
  • 54mm Acrylic (PMMA) lens with anti-reflective, anti-scratch coatings, and 97+% Visible Light Transmission.
  • Twisty on/off tail cap switch, with recessed momentary button. Recessed button is new feature on FireSword-V, which helps keep this flashlight from accidentally coming on, and also it can be set on end on a table or other hard surface for room illumination
  • This is one hefty flashlight! : 2.5" x 3.5" head, body is 1.25"x.75" diameter, overall length is 13"
    • Precision CNC lathe machined.
    • Anodized HAIII hard anodizing, matte black finish. Extremely tough and durable finish.
    • Cooling fins are more pronounced for increased cooling efficiency, with 8 cooling fins.
  • Uses four 18650 Li-Ion Rechargeable batteries, about 3h continuous run time on Low with 2600 maH batteries (not included, sources suggested below) .

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    Additional information, questions and answers

    How much value can you place on your personal safety? Out for a walk at night? Someone approachs you? What are their intentions. Shine a bright light towards them, they cannot see you, giving you the time you need to pull out your AK-47 or M-16. (The following is an opinion may not be true)But in many instances, since you have already reduced them to a pile of smoldering ashes, the lessor power hot gas discharge weapons may not be needed.

    LEO use: Many LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) have contacted Elektro Lumens telling us how useful the Elektro Lumens flashlight they have purchased has been in their line of work. It has stopped fights, diffused potentially violent situations, incapacitated people with dilated pupils (many drugs dilate the pupil of the eye). When an intense bright light is shined on a person, and they cannot see you, being barely able to open their eyes in your direction, giving you the advantage.

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