Elektro Lumens Presents

Poems written by Customers

The following poems were written by Elektro Lumens customers in a Poem's contest, which ended on Feb. 29, 2004. There will be three place winners chosen, first, second, and third. Winners to be anounced, as soon as I can copy all of the poems into this web page, and the judges (my wife and kids), can select the winners. 3rd Place: $10.00 discount on any purchase. 2nd Place: Illuma-Lux 3AA Flashlight. (No longer for sale, but I have a few left.) 1st Place: XM2 .

This web page is still under construction, and many more poems need to be included. I'm posting the poems as I plug along adding them to this page.

Somtimes when I look up at the sky at night,
And the moon is bright
And shining just right
It looks like the beam of my Elektro Lumens Flashlight.

Cole Watson

Which is best?, I asked my master.
He said: You need a Blaster!


Give me the prize
Because, dear Wayne
your light fried my brain


Wayne, Wayne, Wayne,
How i must be insane,
For spending all my money.
Till I'm feelin the pain.

But I gotta keep on workin,
For the next torch is a "brewin,"
All the money in my Paypal's
Gone to Elektrolumens


Deep in the jungle I did roam
Sky grows darker the deeper I go
Whats that I hear in the brush?
The sound of breaking twigs gives me a rush
I reach for my Blaster shiny and black
I turn it on ready for the attack
And there is a monkey rubbing his eyes
Blinded by the beam of my Elektro Lumens flashlight


Roses are red
violets are blue
I like Elektrolumens


My philosophy is like Alfred E. Newman's
Because I get my lights from ElektroLumens


Tri Star, Tri Star, Burning Bright
In the Darkness of the Night
I wish I may, I wish I might
Shine my ElectroLumens Light


Beauty of light
Beauty of dark
With this great joining
Elektrolumens has embarked

While lightspeed itself
Is Oh so much faster
The light is not pure
Unless from Wayne J's great Blaster

Forget that 'ol Xenon
Battery power it hastily sucks
Light up many a night
With the long-lasting Anglelux

With lumens so near
And Lux' so far
What greater source of light
Than the Almighty Tri-Star


Blaster, Blaster, burning bright,
Lighting up the darkest night.
Use D’s, or C’s, or AA’s,
Or simply mod, to suit your ways.
If a power failure looms,
Remove the head, and light your rooms.
For when you need a light that BLASTS…
Elektrolumens… Made to LAST!


Luxeon Light, Luxeon Bright
First Luxeon I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the Elektrolumens I wish tonight!


Rex, if I may take the initiative on your poem;

Wayne, Wayne go away
Come again another day
Little rex has no more money!
And that, my friend, is not at all funny!


Less Money


Elektrolumens Luxeon Star,
How I wonder what you are,
Shining in the house so bright,
Like a Saber in the night,
Twinkle Twinkle luxeon Star,
I need another one for my Car!!!


the flashaholic light
its beam shining so bright
dancing with joy
as i play with my new toy
its price was not nice
oh how i love my light


Elektrolumens flashlights, all are uncommonly bright
Blaster flashlights, all have beautiful white
Be with the larger size, the long runtime will be mine
Of that smaller size, I can carry it on my side
With such attractive price, I can easily make my mind
and have no more sighs
Owning these flashlights, I no longer fear the night
Wayne you are bright, I love my blaster flashlights!


I bought a Blaster, the Blaster I took.
1 watt with a resistor, by the book.
It was quite nice, with a good bright beam
. 30mm optic and LuxI was a pretty good team.

Yet those on CPF talked about a mod to do.
"Take out the resistor. Put a 3 watt LED in too.
You have to remove the switch to make this work."
To find out how, on CPF I would have to lurk.

Soon I found the post this mod was about.
I removed the resistor and went the 3 Watt route.
"It's true! It is brighter than others I've seen!"
My newly improved Blaster III, in dark green!


I've been searching for something
Smaller, brighter, and cheap,
That a regular incandescent
Could not hope to beat.

My searches eclectic,
hope starting to wane,
I find a website
with a funny name.

It's spelled with a 'k'
instead of a 'c',
but I realize now
that it's right for me.

1-watt and 3-watt
flashlights galore.
Now here's something
I haven't seen before.

With raw LED power
not fit for mere humans,
I think I'll buy
from ElektroLumens.


After the sun faded away,
Darkness started to invade.
In the melancholy of the dark,
My faithfull was calling my name.

Pulling out its steel with all my might,
I menaced the shadows with my weapon.
A blinding blade of light
Burned through the wall of cold.

Another night, another success.
Another battle, another victory.
My Blaster has never been stopped
Until today I was betrayed by my battery.


How about an Acrostic poem?

Edison and a kite,
Lightning did strike
Emerging technology,
Kind to ecology
Take my advice,
Rechargeables are best
Offered round the clock
Lest they go out of stock
Use this bright light
Morning noon and night
ElektroLumens the name
No others can claim
Such use of the letter "K" for its fame.


When da big friend say flashlight are cool,
you be tellin' um dat da LED light rule.

They makea da battery last so darn long,
givin' out dat white light so bright an strong.

When ya want da LED light likea no other,
one dat makea da darkness run for da cover.

You betta be gettin' da Elektro Lumens mon,
you be seein' da light da best dat ya can.


Alone in the darkness
I awake with a fright

My senses tingling
I reach for a light

My fear beginning to lessen
as the beam pierces the night

Once again my savior
Elektrolumens so bright!


The Blasters started selling,
One watt, white light, there's no telling
what could beat them, so it seems -
Take one look into the beam.

Hard anodized aluminum,
Who knows what I could do with 'em?
I'll shine them up and down the street,
Blinding anyone I meet!

I could modify or rectify,
customize or specify,
You could call me crazy if I
didn't want to go and buy!

Optics with new 3-watt Blasters,
FT-3C, going faster.
Can't keep anything in stock...
ElektroLumens sure does ROCK.



Elektro Lumens sends the photons zoom’n
Cutting into the night just like sunlight
When I walk in the dark and hear a dog bark
Or come upon a skunk I ain’t no punk
The warm comfort in my hand makes me the man
Elektro Lumens flashlight proof you’re bright


What can I say?
It's close to the last day
Don't let your thoughts stray
Focus on writing a Poem
Your genius to others, show 'em.

An Elektro Lumens flashlight
Yes, everyone has the right
To sit down with pen and paper and write
About Elektro Lumens products of light
Flashlights that blast through the night.

Elektro Lumens
Wayne, Wayne, He's our man
His flashlights shine like no ones can

If ever you find yourself in a jam
ElektroLumens makes darkness scram!


How about a new rendition of an unforgettable rhyme?

My flashlight has a first name,
It's 'E-L-E-K-T-R-O'
My flashlight has a second name,
It's L-U-M-E-N-S'

Oh I love to shine it every day,
And if you ask me why I'll say...,
Because, Elektro Lumens Flashlights
have a way of bringing starlight into day.


Elektro Lumens, not "c" but "K"
Illustrious flashlights by Wayne J.
Eliminate the incandescents so passé
Eclipse with Luxeons, hip-hip-hurray!

Even and white, the light from LEDs
Long lasting are the batteries
Energy efficient great properties
Keeps photons flowing with ease
Tough and unbreakable qualities
Reaching a level of brightness to please.
Offered with, one year warranties.

Take a look at these,
The Anglelux is a must!
And Blasters are long lasters.
The FT-3C, yippee!
And XM2, yes do!
The mighty Tri-Star, brightest by far

And now I wish to say
Today! Send them my way!


ElectroLumens shine so bright.
Blind the thief in the night.
I dream about them all the day.
Photons strong and sure,hooray.
FT-3C's quite beautiful to me.
no cat pee green for one to see.
Cant wait for Wayne J to say.
the next one's in the mail TODAY!


In days of old, light so dim, and candle power was what it was.
One single flame to light the room. No searching forth, just light.
Edison was wise and brought to this dark world a ray of hope.
No longer bound to strike a match or make a lamp to light the night.

A burning fillament, incased by glass. Connect a circut to make it work.
Demand would cause the size to vary. Smaller yet, a size so small.
And soon the size was small enough to fit inside a box or tube.
Reflective surface direct the beam. A giant step for one and all.

For generations this tool was used, its beam and quality praised with ignorance.
Soon wise pioneers came forth to question this tool for the masses.
A yellow beam no longer impresses, and lacking battery making it worse.
. And only would a whiter beam be good enough for lads and lasses.

Soon there came a man named Wayne; began to create what suppliers wouldn't.
A tool from a brick and mortar; bulb extracted. Light emitting diode.
Connected leads with ohm resistance, 3 cells powering this flashlight marvel.
Turning it on and see the color, guaranteed to lighten the heavy load.

Blaster came into vocabulary. Orders made by increasing number.
Brave new step for solitary man; how could he know if it would go far.
And as technology increased, with brand new wonders would we see.
From simple Star/O Blaster came, the II and III and then the Tri-Star.
How far will it go, who is to know?