Elektro Lumens Presents

"ELX-6 "
24 Watt Luxeon Star LED Flashlight

(This flashlight has been redesigned to use 4D cells, and it will have a screw on bezel, and larger beefier tail cap. Please call for more information.)

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The following are a few comparison beamshots, comparing a very bright flashlight, the Tri-Star Phazer, which has three 3W Luxeon Star LEDs, and puts out a respectable 120 lumens, with the even more remarkable ELX-6, with six 3W and a whopping minimum of 432 lumens!

A new line of flashlights, which I call ELX. This light uses six 3W LEDs. I use six 20mm reflectors in this light. It is powered by 4 D NIMH rechargable batteries. The 6061 Aluminum body is substantial, with a 3" diameter head, large heat sink fins, and a 1.25" diameter body. An astounding, remarkable 432 lumens, and 10,000 to 12,000 lux reading. Absolutely amazing! Made in America by Elektro Lumens. We make these as we take the orders, in our own machine shop! Anodized clear only (silver).

This light is exceptional in it's performance, ahead of it's time in deployment, and there is nothing else like it on the market at this time. The future belongs to LED lighting. Archaic and fragile Halogen and H.I.D. lighting systems, look out!

This is not a pre-sale. We make these lights to order. We are making the parts here in our machine shop, located in Cottage Grove, Oregon. This takes time, so allow from 1 week up to 2 weeks. You can call us and ask what the back log is, and how long it will take to build your ELX-6 and ship it.

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