Elektro Lumens Presents

EDC-MCE (Every Day Carry) Flashlight
700 - 900 Lumens

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    • Now using Cree's new amazingly bright MCE LED.
    • Using a 20mm Boom reflector, superior and flawless, smooth even 10 degrees beam. This beam is more on the floody side. Even so many customers tell me it is far brighter than any of their other MCE LED flashlights they have, and has decent distance viewing throw. (If you are looking for a narrow beam with significant farther throw, see the EDC-XML.)
    • 700 ---> 900 lumens!
    • 24mm Mineral glass lens
    • Twisty on/off tail cap switch, with momentary button
      • Simple in design
      • Twist on/Twist off
      • Center button for momentary use
    • Uses a common 18650 Li-Ion rechargable battery. Battery explanation web page (battery not included)
    • About 1 hours continuous run time. (depends on battery)
  • Dimensions (Approximate)
    • Head diameter: 1.5"
    • Body diameter: 1.0"
    • Tail cap diameter: 1.2"
    • Length: 5.3"
    • Approximate weight without battery: 9 oz.
        New as of Septemter 15, 2009!!!
      • All parts CNC machined from 6061 aircraft alloy aluminum (Titanium version available, see shopping cart for pricing)
      • New for shipments for 8/31/2010: Finished in super hard HAIII anodizing, tough, chemical resistant. Sand Blasted and has a semi-gloss finish. I find it difficult to scratch this with a sharp knife, it's so hard!
      • Tail cap button has 'Elektro Lumens' logo etched into it
      • Large solid copper heat sink! This insures the LED will remain it's brightness while in use, and also that the LED will give you a lifetime of use.

    How much value can you place on your personal safety? Out for a walk at night? Someone approachs you? What are their intentions. Shine a bright light towards them, they cannot see you, giving you the time you need to pull out your AK-47 or M-16. (The following is an opinion may not be true)But in many instances, since you have already reduced them to a pile of smoldering ashes, the lessor power hot gas discharge weapons may not be needed.

    LEO use: Many LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) have contacted Elektro Lumens telling us how useful the Elektro Lumens flashlight they have purchased has been in their line of work. It has stopped fights, diffused potentially violent situations, incapacitated people with dilated pupils (many drugs dilate the pupil of the eye). When an intense bright light is shined on a person, and they cannot see you, being barely able to open their eyes in your direction, giving you the advantage.

    Hello Wayne,

    My flashlight arrived at last. It turns out Australia Post takes longer to deliver within our borders than it takes USPS to deliver to Australia.

    It was worth the wait as I was very impressed with the output compared to other producers claiming similar performance. I have many flashlights and this is definately the top of the heap so far. But not for long as the next purchase will be the fire sword IV.



    Dear Wayne

    I just received my EDC-MCE Every Day Carry Light. I am a MP Sergeant working patrols in Iraq, I have used many lights during my years in law enforcement and this one is by far the best one yet. I have made an attachment to my M-4 and it works very well for combat and room clearing procedures. this is also a very durable light, in the military we are very hard on are equipment and so far it has taken the abuse of military life.

    Thank you
    Sgt. Stevenson
    U.S. Army
    As a note:
    Received the EDC-MCE today and gassed it up using “Tenergy” 2600 mAh cells.
    The performance of this light is beyond adjectives. I displayed it to my wife who commented that the beam is brighter than daylight. The fit and finish is worth every cent. Very happy to obtain this product from an American outfit. I will be recommending this to my EMS / Rescue and industrial applications colleagues.


    Ken K.


    Hello again, Wayne,

    I just wanted to write you to let you know about my experience with my EDC-MCE thus far.

    Firstly, I'm blown away by the build quality. As I'd said before, I love my Maglites, and mostly because of how well built they are for the money. Your EDC is wonderfully polished in design, and sturdier than any other light I've handled. I can't stress enough how much of a pleasure this unit is just to handle.

    Now, my EDC-MCE came this past Friday (the batteries too, how nice!), which also happened to be the very same day I lost access to functioning vehicle, so I've been walking the two miles to work. So far I've found and returned two lost wallets and a lone twenty-dollar bill just along the walk home from work - the flood is just phenomenal for such a practically sized light. I'm always confident that cars can see me when crossing the street, and I have yet to plant a foot in a crater of mud because I didn't see it.

    Also, in showing off the light to everyone I know, we found that my pitch black living room wasn't just lit by shining the EDC at the ceiling, but it was a shockingly acceptable level of light for a room - we could comfortably read or play cards anywhere in the room just from the reflected light.

    Unfortunately, there's a downside to all of this, albeit an acceptable one - you've effectively ruined most other flashlights for me! I'm already taking the EDC's amazing beam for granted, other flashlights seem quite feeble in comparison. While a lot of my other lights get far superior battery life and would be invaluable in an emergency situation, for everyday use they've been completely replaced. I might have to look into a Blaster-NG once they're on sale!

    Thanks again for your wonderful product and personal service,



    I received mine yesterday. My wife and son like it the best of all my lights, as do I. I will probably end up buying one for each of them. As much as I have spent on some of the other lights, this is the most sturdy one I have and I fully expect it will last a lifetime. It is brighter than my Dereelight MC-E 3SM pill and with a very even beam. The Dereelight has a more defined hotspot with usable spill, while the EDC-MCE has a very even beam and is wider than the Dereelight. I can put this inches away from the wall and not see the cross in the beam. The first thing my wife noticed was that there were no beam artifacts. This is the first MC-E light I have seen without the cross in the beam. Thank you, Wayne for an amazing light. If anyone is on the fence about buying one, go ahead and do it. You will be very happy with it.



    Received my light on Friday. Used it while jogging on Sunday night. Really bright and extremely rugged. Thanks.




    Received my EDC on Friday. What a fantastic piece of kit! The wife can't understand why I keep going on about a "torch".

    I have started a savings jar now for a Firesword and am drooling at the thought of the "Blaster-NG"



    Hey just wanted to post that I got mine, and WOW, it is really very nice.

    Definitely has some weight to it, built like a tank, but the really great thing about it is the OUTPUT, it just puts out an incredible flood of light. I have some other MC-E and P7 based flood type lights, and this EDC-MCE is in a whole other class in terms of what it can actually illuminate with its beam.

    Wayne, I know I had mentioned to you in an email that I might have to resell it because of a financial issue I'm having, but I am feeling like I need to find a way to hold on to this one! (as you predicted )

    There are times when I just want to light up the whole yard side to side and end to end, and this is the one light I have which easily does this. Spotted a fox last night when I went out to the woodshed, he was about 30 feet away and clearly couldn't believe what he was seeing; he froze there for about 10 seconds before bounding off across the meadow, and I easily kept him spotted until he reached the tree line 75 yards away. Not bad for a flood beam!

    I took the head off and took a look at the heat sink and how the LED is mounted, it is clearly optimized for efficient heat transfer away from the emitter. Really nice workmanship, very clean and tight. Massive copper heatsink wedded to massive aluminum body.

    And the well-shaped body and anodizing are flawless. Definitely gives the impression of a quality tool by appearance and by feel. KISS interface, I have the feeling it would be nearly impossibly for it to fail.

    So I will have to sell some of my lights, but this one has nudged out some that I was going to keep and taken their place!



    Hi Wayne,

    Just received the EDC flashlights. It is a great product – very well made. Thank you!




    Hi Wayne,

    I got the lights on Sunday when I got home and have to say Whoa are those lights well-made and bright! Great size and easy to use. I'm looking forward to giving the police officer his light this coming Friday!

    Thanks for keeping me informed and for trying to make a red one. Sorry it didn't work out. I really appreciate you trying this for me.

    I may be ordering more EDCs or other lights from you in the near future once the guys at my dojo get to see the EDC!

    Thanks again, Erik

    Hi Wayne,

    I got the light yesterday and WOW what a lot of light in a small package. I compared it to my FireLion and the EDC is significantly brighter and also has much more spread. I see what you mean about the beam. It is nice and smooth with no hard edges. I didn't check the throw because it was raining last night but I'll go out tonight and compare.



    Hi Wayne,

    I received my two EDC-P7s a couple of days of days ago and all I can say is "Wow!" The amount of life that comes out of these little packages is outstanding. They can light up a whole room brighter than a tradional flashlight can light up a single spot. They are built like a tank.

    Some people may build fashlights that are gimmicks but these EDCs are the best constructed, most useful lights I have ever seen. Keep up the great work.



    What was especially useful was that I was able to unscrew the head and hang the light from my (defunct) ceiling fan. I have four kids and it worked great for lighting the whole room while we ate and chatted. It really kept the children calm and assured.

    Remember, the whole city and area was out of commission for almost 10 days. No stores. No gas for a generator. No lights. No food. Real doomsday stuff.



    Dear Wayne,

    I have just received the flashlight. It is brutal. Thanks very much.

    Best regards,




    Received the EDC-P7 last week. Thanks. Both flash light received. Solid and Very good quaiity flash lights.



    Hi Wayne,

    My EDC has arrived and it is FANTASTIC!! Thanks creating a true work of art and function. Well worth the wait. Thanks again and have a good evening.

    Warm regards,


    August 23, 2009

    Hello Wayne!!

    Just received my 2 EDC P7s today....!!!!!


    I'm just about SPEECHLESS!!!!

    These things are flat out the most amazing custom lights I have yet seen, simply ASTOUNDING in build quality and performance.... and jaw-dropping at such an affordable price point given the quality of materials and superior custom craftsmanship evident in every detail. I am overwhelmingly happy with my purchase decision, the seemingly long wait was so utterly worthwhile, all the sweeter once the package arrived.

    These things are as stout as an M1 Abrams tank, with excellent ergonomic fit and spectacular finish. VERY fine balance of significant heft to feel indestructably solid yet a near perfect fit in the hand. They seem so incredibly solid I'd be willing to bet they would survive being run over by my truck, but I'm much more concerned about damaging my aluminum truck rims rather than hurting the lights in the process! Just the right size.

    Unbelievable build quality with a straightforward approach, greatly emphasized by the affordable price. These custom lights redefine value for dollars spent, as in years past I could have forseen these to sell for hundreds more. For that you have earned superlative praise and thanks from me.

    These lights are my first experience with the "second generation" high output LEDs, significantly surpassing my previous generation X-bin Luxeon 5Ws and U-bin 3W lights in output, and the performance is truly amazing. This is NO small incremental improvement in output compared to the old Luxeon star designs, its a giant leap forward and I am duly impressed.

    My only criticism is the "donut hole" effect, which I expected with such a large surface area multi-emitter design, like the Osram O-Star six-die LED. By their nature they seem to be very biased towards a very wide flood beam, but with far more overall brightness. Its early morning yet so I have to wait at least another 10 hours to do some serious outdoor real world comparisons, but I'm already VERY impressed!

    Thanks especially for making these things as affordable as you have. I know the asking price may give "joe average 2-D Mag" a bit of a shock, but to those of us flashlight fanatics who have been exposed to all kinds of custom designs and the sometimes stratospheric pricing that used to come with that territory these EDCs to me are a real breakthrough in price versus performance. Major kudos to you for that!

    The only thing missing is a really high quality heavy gauge nylon or leather holster design, ideally with a strong magnetic or snap / velcro closure design for belt carry. And perhaps a 2-level switching setup to provide a very low output / very long runtime option in addition to the 700 lumen (!!!!!) mode.

    Only question is there any kind of regulation with these lights (?) How does brightness taper after the one hour quoted runtime?

    Now I'm positively salivating over the arrival of the Firesword, and to see if it can de-throne my old all time favorite "large heavy duty" light, my old trusty ELX-6-27, which remains an awesome performer after years of great service.

    P.S. The variable output dimmer pot dual mode switch on the ELX-6-27 made it outstandingly versatile and I hope you might consider it on future offerings... (click) dial-a-runtime and (click) full BLAST..... (click) for off.... it was a unique and great switching solution for a very high output light.

    After my initial impression with the EDC P7 I'm expecting the Firesword to be the first LED to be really comparative to the compact HID offerings. Cant wait to try one.

    Thanks again for your business and taking the time to personally answer your emails, it was more than worth the wait for me!

    Best Regards,


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