Elektro Lumens Presents

"Blaster" Series

Luxeon Star LED Flashlights

(Special Police version)

Blaster Description:

The Elektro Lumens 'Blaster' is a newly developed, aluminum flashlight.

High grade 1/8" thick aluminum alloy is used in it's construction.

The parts are machined using precision CNC Lathes.

High quality, tough, grade 3 anodizing, inside and out.

The LED is the Luxeon Star, manufactured by Lumileds, who make the brightest LED's in the world.

The Blaster III also uses newly developed collimating optics, which produce a very tightly focused beam of light, which is less than 10 degrees. This collimator is not the small one from Lumileds, but is 30mm in diameter (35mm at the outside of the rim). It does a better job of capture more emitter light, and focuses it into a much brighter and tighter beam.

I have designed it to be water resistant, using o-rings in the head, for the lens, and for the tail cap, and the switch has a rubber seal, similar to other 'D' cell aluminum flashlights.

The texture of the finish has a very fine “grooviness. GROOVY

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I have had several responses that it had a 'tactile' look and feel. What do you think?

Blaster Beam Shots

What is a Luxeon Star?

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