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EDC-XML-R (Regulated). Now with the new Cree XM-L2 LED! POLICE AND LAW ENFORCEMENT FLASHLIGHT, On high power setting 1000+ lumens approx., 6000 lux. This flashlight uses a single Cree XM-L2L LED, reflector, and is now circuit amperage regulated. The EDC-XML-R can be purchased in quite a number of multi-mode configurations (hi/med/lo/strobe) including only high power setting, Click on image for more detailed information about the EDC-XML-R flashlight. (Some people love multi-mode settings, others do not, now you can have it your way.) New tail cap click switch design. black HAIII hard anodized finish. Default setting, unless otherwise specified at time of purchase, will be (high/medium/low/fast disabling strobe/SOS emergency signal). See web page for complete list of available settings. Circuit has memory so it remembers the last setting.
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Price: $99.99

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(Click image to see web page for the Big Bruiser Flashlight)

Big Bruiser, 3000 lumens approx., 12,000 lux. This flashlight is insane bright, a real pocket rocket. Using 3 Cree XML LEDs, powered at 3 amps each, it pulls a total of 9 amps. Precision manual lathe machinded from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum, with a HAII clear (silver) anodized finish. The beam is 19 degrees, so it is a floody type beam. However, note that the lux reading is very high, which means it will still throw a very good distance, a few hundred yards. If you shine it down a football field, it will light up the entire field, the goal post at the other end, and most of the bleachers. A most impressive powerful flashlight. Powered from a single 26650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery (not included). Run time is 30 minutes approx, and this does depend on the rating of the battery used. (email Wayne for more info on the battery if you have any questions.) Click on the image to go to a web page with more detailed information about the Big Bruiser.

Price: $149.99

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(INR 26650 batteries for Big Bruiser, also available on shopping cart)


(Click image to see web page for the Anglelux-XML Flashlight)

Anglelux-XML, A Genuine MX-991/U Military Issue Anglehead Flashlight, modified with a Cree XML LED powered to 225 lumens. Run time of 24 hours to 50% of original brightness, 72+ hours continuous run time. Powered from 2D cell batteries (batteries not included) (alkaline work best, but rechargeable batteries can be used). This flashlight has a remarkable run time, and is fantastic for emergency use, camping, etc.

Price: $69.99

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Bruiser-9000: Nine XM-L2 LEDs, 9000 lumens, 45000+ lux @ 1 meter! Powered from three 26650 Li-Ion batteries. High/Low power settings.

Price: $399.99

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Short Version

Long version

Bruiser-12000: Twelve XM-L2 LEDs, 12000 lumens, 60000+ lux @ 1 meter! Powered from four 26650 Li-Ion batteries. High/Low power settings.

Price: Short Version = $499.99
Price: Long Version = $599.99
Contact Wayne about ordering this beast. New design, same as Bruiser-9000, except it has four Big Bruiser circuits for 12 XM-L2 LEDs and 12000 lumens.


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